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Northwest SHARE is a Seattle-based non-profit organization with a 501 (c)(3) status established for the purpose of organizing programs for the benefit of the general public in the areas of Health, Arts, Relationships and Education with the following goals:

  • To implement public-welfare programs promoting vegetarian/vegan cooking, raw food diet, arts and culture, music, dance, drama, public speaking, mentoring, interpersonal relationships, arts education, etc. for empowering people with skills to enrich their personal lives.

  • To practically demonstrate how cooperative endeavor and the culture of "sharing" fosters prosperity, peace and social harmony.

  • To give people an opportunity to regain their confidence in humanity and the effectiveness of people working together to help each other.

  • To promote favorable techniques of personal diet, lifestyle, gardening and agriculture, animal husbandry and other pertinent aspects those impact the survival of humanity on this planet.

  • To research and make available knowledge of alternative technology for transforming industry and agriculture to depend on sustainable and renewable energy sources that does not pollute or endanger the environment.

  • To demonstrate the economic viability of a �green economy�, i.e. an economy based on organic farming, environmental responsibility, alternative energy sources, etc. by establishment of pilot projects.

Northwest SHARE was founded in 1998 by Harry Terhanian. Mr. Terhanian aspired to create an organization of volunteers talented in various areas to share their knowledge and services freely with other people, especially those who have not had the opportunity or economic means to avail themselves of good health and education, arts and culture.

In 2001, Northwest SHARE opened the first free vegetarian restaurant in Seattle which has been serving high-quality meals for more than 5000 people every year ever since. Shortly thereafter Northwest SHARE expanded its services in the areas of Health, Arts, Relationships and Education. To explore more about Northwest SHARE, please follow the links on the top of the page.

One of Northwest SHARE's greatest success factors is its diversity of volunteers and artists who come from variegated backgrounds from all over the world - co-operating simply to achieve the common cause of helping people with all their hearts. Northwest SHARE does not discriminate anyone based on their age, gender, nationality, religion, race, ethnicity or marital status either for providing its services or volunteer opportunities.

Northwest SHARE invites broad-minded individuals from any section of the society who would like to share their knowledge, skills, time or money for any of the aforementioned areas. To find out how you can participate, please click here: How Can I Share.

For any questions or for more information, email us at info@nwshare.org