Free Restaurant

Northwest SHARE runs Seattle’s first fully-free vegetarian restaurant in the U-District area since 2001. The restaurant is located at 5521 University Way N.E.
Seattle, WA open from 7.30 pm – 11 pm Tuesday through Saturday. A typical meal includes a salad, vegetable soup, rice, flat breads and a drink.

Goals of the free restaurant:

  • Provide high-quality nutritious food for the low-income and needy people.
  • Promote the health benefits of vegetarianism. Why Vegetarianism?
  • Promote the economic benefits of a vegetarian diet.
  • Host/Conduct cooking classes to educate the general public on the techniques of adopting a vegetarian/vegan/raw food diet as a healthy and viable alternative.

Many a person that tastes the delicious food served at our restaurant wonders how in the world it’s possible to run such a high-quality vegetarian restaurant for free! The answer lies in co-operative voluntary endeavor – one of founding principle on which Northwest SHARE is built. Here is how it works:

  1. First, there are no paid staffs at the restaurant. Everyone including the manager, chefs, servers and cleaners is either self-employed or full-time employees of reputed private/public organizations who simply donate their culinary skills and/or time to support the cause of Northwest SHARE.
  2. Second, the expenses related to buying the ingredients for the food, rent, equipment, utilities, etc. are generously donated by the public through voluntary donations as they see the benefits of the free restaurant with their own eyes.
  3. Third, the goodwill of the people – which is an infinite resource – is what Northwest SHARE depends on for its success. This idea of sharing one’s prosperity to help others naturally attracts people’s hearts and they come forward to co-operate in this effort by which they find great personal satisfaction by experiencing the joy of giving.
  4. Besides the free restaurant, Northwest SHARE also promotes the health benefits of vegetarianism by actively participating in the Seattle’s public fairs every summer Summer Food Fairs and also conducts its own annual Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Food festival Annual Food Festival.